A Cheat Sheet on Body Language for Writers

How many ways can you describe a character’s emotions? John Howell shares a handy cheat sheet for writers in this informative post. I know I’ll be using it! Thanks, John!

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Hi SEers. John with you today.

As a wrap-up to the subject of gestures (or beats) to convey non-verbal communication, I found a great cheat sheet for writers on body language. The cheat sheet is below the text and was developed by ArchetypeWriting.com.

The cheat sheet can be used in developing characterizations beyond having to explain just how your character is feeling. I hope you find this cheat sheet useful and perhaps dig deeper into the subject of body language.


I became more confident in using beats to convey my character’s emotions in looking into this subject. However, I got a comment from a beta reader on my next book that maybe I went a little too overboard on the beats. There is always a warning on using any of the writing tools. The writer should use moderation with all of them.

How about you? Let us hear…

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2 thoughts on “A Cheat Sheet on Body Language for Writers

    • Thank you for this great information, John! Body language shows so well what a person is feeling, which is often at odds with what they say. Reminds me of something my husband sometimes points out to me. It isn’t what you say as much as how you say it. Describing body language is key to getting that across.

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