MKTG #15 – Paid Book Blog Tours

Authors, do you need more exposure for your books? Jan Sikes explores this method, but also gives us links to more of her informative marketing posts. This is a MUST READ!

Story Empire

Hello, SE’ers! It’s Jan again. My last marketing post about doing book blog tours raised a universal question. Since we tend to pretty much follow the same bloggers, how do we widen our circle and gain new readers?

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In response to the question, the most effective answer seemed to be paid blog tours. Let me make a disclaimer here. I have not actually tried any of the tours I’m going to share with you today. But that’s not to say with the next release I won’t try some of them. I do think it’s a great way to find new readers and new followers.

I gathered this list of services from other authors whom I know and trust their experience and opinions.

Each promotion has specific guidelines so just check them out thoroughly before you choose one.

Goddess Fish Promotions has successfully coordinated more than 3600 tours in…

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