Saying Goodbye to an Extraordinarily Beautiful Spirit

clouds-2709662_1920 gerd altmann pixabayOn March 7, 2020, a brilliant light went Home to Heaven, leaving the world not an iota darker, but instead many times brighter with all the lives she impacted here.

Jesus Christ welcomed her Home, where she undoubtedly heard her beloved Lord and Savior say, “Well done, Felecia. You have finished the race.”

Felecia Clarke, a friend to many of us, accomplished every task the Lord had given her to do, which included publishing her delightfully candid memoir entitled, ARE YOU READY? She was ready.

In her blog, A Life Sanctified, she left us with clear guidelines on how to live, how to fight a relentless enemy, how to love, and how to encourage others even while going through dark places.

My heart aches at her absence and rejoices at her victory over illness and death. Tears run down my cheeks as I share her last blog post with you, appropriately entitled “It’s Okay to Cry,” a letter to you, with love, by Felecia Clarke.

I think I know why God has allowed this cancer. He’s using me for His glory and I couldn’t be happier about that. The amount of people who have told me over the past four years how my conduct through this ordeal has helped them is remarkable.

Dare I say I’m a beacon? Sharing my strength with others as needed. Praying with them. Crying with them. Holding them up. It sounds very self-sacrificing, but it’s not.

They strengthen me as well.

Calming during the storm … sharing a hope for the future.

Of course it’s only because of God that I can say that.


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