One Army Brat’s Story: 5 Quotes, 5-Star Review

The article is from 2017, but the review is as valid today as it was then, and the book…oh, my. I’m an Army Brat, and Michelle’s story brought to mind so many memories of similar experiences I had growing up. Her memoir is as unique as she is, fascinating from beginning to end. If you haven’t read it yet, you’re missing out. CAMP FOLLOWER is available on Amazon. Get it today!


campfollower coverarmybratQuotes

“You are not from anywhere in particular but you are all a part of the same community.”
“You might get itchy to move every couple of years, or, conversely, never want to move ever again.”
“You’re very patriotic. You cry at the national anthem anytime, anywhere…You probably touch, even fondle the tank now sitting as a monument in your town’s armoury square.”
“You have to catch up to the real world at some point but the adults we became carried this base-brat upbringing with us.”
“The moving on, excitement and anticipation was the best part of growing up military… Just the scale, geography and weather were different.”

Review of Camp Follower: One Army Brat’s Story

“Life happens everywhere. We all get there in the end. It’s the stories that we live and share along the way that make things interesting.” So writes Canadian author Michele Sabad in the introduction to…

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