Congratulations to the winners!

Although TERRA’S CALL didn’t win an award this time, I’m happy to say it was a finalist, and I’m thrilled to have met so many of the wonderful folks who won! Writers come in all shapes, sizes, ages, shades, and belief systems, and when we’re together in a nurturing environment like that at the Florida Writer’s Association conference, positive energy fills the rooms.

We celebrate the drive to write that links us and determine to make the motto of the Association our own: ‘Writers Helping Writers’. Every one of us, whether published or not, pours our heart into our writing. This Association pours their heart into celebrating what we do and giving us tools through excellent workshops and lectures to become better writers and to tackle those things we’re reluctant and often unequipped to handle. In my case, that’s marketing.

I hope you’ll take the time to look at the list of winners and read some of their excellent works. I know I will. How exciting that I KNOW them personally now! And now, I’m off to write the third book in the TetraSphere series!

Click here for a list of the winners and their work!

To see the books I’ve written that are available now, go to

Beta Readers, It’s About the Book – Not You

I love this checklist for Beta Readers, and for me as an author! Thank you, Ashleigh Giannoccaro!

If you’re one of my Beta Readers, this should make it easier for you. I really do want your honest feedback. I promise I won’t cry too much. The blotchy look doesn’t look good with my blue hair.

A Writer's Path


by Ashleigh Giannoccaro

For me over the last five (now six) books my beta team has proved to be one the most valuable resources. Sometimes we need that unbiased opinion to separate us from our ‘book babies’ so we can see the faults. These are often the first eyes on your work and they give their time and effort to help you make it better. I want my beta team to rip it to shreds so I can sew it all back together better in the end. It’s not about me, it is about putting out the best book possible.

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When Hope is Lost (A Lesson from Birds) …

I love reposting Felecia’s blog posts because they’re always relevant, always full of hope and life. In this case, she reblogged a post that spoke to her, and so I’m reblogging her reblog. It speaks to me because people I love are in painful places. They need to know this.

A Life Sanctified

I like birds.  God sometimes uses them to slow me down … but that’s a whole other post.

I think you’ll love this Guest Post by Brandon Andress which was originally published on September 14, 2016 on his site  Please pay him a visit, he’s rather gifted with the written word.

Sunrise at Juno Beach 025

I have begun the process of changing my mind about birds.

Sure, you may not find a stranger first sentence than that, but those closest to me know that I have this unreasonable phobia of the feathered friend. It has something to do with a mother bird dive-bombing my head to protect her nest when I was five. And no, to answer your question, I was not bothering her nest. I was simply going next door to a friend’s house. But, there is no reasoning with a mother bird. Anyway, my neurosis aside, I am slowly taking…

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Who Says You Have to Do It Right the First Time?

Screen Shot 2016-06-15 at 9.37.37 AM


Where’s the fun in doing something right the first time? I’m asking honestly, because I don’t know how that feels. I can rarely get out of the house without returning for yet another item I forgot. It’s how I get my exercise.

Most recently, I had dinner with our son and his family. While our granddaughter did her homework and her mom prepared dinner, I plugged my Kindle and phone into the charger and left them on a chair. Everytime I glanced at them, I reminded myself to put them away, and then ignored my reminders.

We had a lively conversation during the delicious meal and I would have loved to stay longer, but the grandkids had school the next day and their parents had to get up early to work. So I left.

I’d driven about ten minutes when I reached for the phone to let Bill know I was on the way home. No phone. No Kindle, either, so I turned the car around. I couldn’t let the kids know I was coming back, so sure enough, when I pulled into their driveway, my son’s car was gone.

He was on his way to our house a half-hour away, or a one-hour round-trip. Thankfully, his wife was able to reach him and he turned around at the same place I did. I’m certain we passed each other along the road.

Because I didn’t do it right the first time, by packing up my electronics to take home, I had the pleasure of 1) seeing my family again and 2) experiencing the selfless, loving nature of my son and daughter-in-law once again. They’ve bailed me out more than a few times!

Anyone who has written a book knows that the first draft is only the beginning of a seemingly endless round of re-reading, re-writing, revising and editing. It should end when the book is finally published, shouldn’t it? Not in my case.

I finally published my eagerly-awaited second book in the Tetrasphere series, Triton’s Call. It was as perfect as I’d hoped; on its way to the number one best-seller spot. Right?

Wrong. I found a spelling error. So I corrected it and sent it through the process again. It was again available on Amazon in its perfectly corrected form. When the printed copy arrived, I excitedly opened it to read it as a READER, simply to enjoy the work of art it is.

Oh, no! I’ve misused the apostraphe! What a catastrophe! Grammar cop Patty broke the law! But that wasn’t the worst of it.Toward the end, during the most intense action, I felt as if someone in the book was foot-stomping annoyed with me. Who? Why?

I couldn’t put my finger on it, but the feeling wouldn’t go away. That night I couldn’t sleep, and sometime in the wee hours of the morning her face popped up in my mind and she was not happy with me.

I had forgotten to put one of my characters in the scene. Yipes!

So, within two weeks I’ve had three versions of my book for sale on Amazon. Those who pre-ordered Triton’s Call for Kindle will get the completely corrected version on October 5, including my now-happy character.

Those who ordered the printed version before the fully-corrected copy was available, make sure you keep it because it might be valuable someday when I’m on the New York Times bestseller list. Be sure to keep it someplace safe where the moths won’t eat it. It could be a very long wait.

If you did get that copy, you’ll know it when you run into one of the misused apostrophes. I have a list of the corrections available for you. Simply contact me on my website or email me at and I’ll get it to you.

If, like me, you can’t seem to get anything right the first time, relax and enjoy the journey! Again and again…










Dream Makers: Inspiring Hope

We call them God-Kisses, when the Lord drops an unexpected blessing into your life and you KNOW it’s a gift directly from Him.

It was the last leg of our journey home from a wonderful visit with our kids and grandkids in Southern California. Tired, ready for a nap, a bit under the weather, and finally seated on the aisle (Bill) and window (me) on our Southwest flight, we looked up when a pleasant voice asked if our middle seat might be available. We knew it was a full flight, and we had prayed for someone nice to sit between us.

God is so good! Jan Rogers was our companion for the next four hours, and we were certainly blessed! What a joy to hear about what God is doing among His people. We have both experienced the joy explosion of light and color and love that God drops into our heads and hearts when He wants to use us to bless others, and sharing stories made the flight seem like minutes rather than hours.

We met a new friend, a sister in the Lord, and we’re so happy to be able to share some of her story with you. Friends, meet our friend Jan Rogers!

The Quickening

In light of the theme of my  TETRASPHERE series, I’m reposting this insightful blog written by my friend Felecia. She asks if it’s fiction or reality that there is a shaking up and quickening happening throughout the world today. I base the premise of my fiction on true events as reported on various world news telecasts.

In my books, the world will be saved or lost depending on the choices and actions of my characters. Even there, though, there are hints that the Creator is working behind the scenes. In reality, the more aware we are of His workings, the more equipped we’ll be as these events unfold.


A Life Sanctified

Is it fiction, or is it real?

There’s a quickening occurring and it’s got me curious.

Oh I’ve been noticing it for a couple of years now.  Time speeding up … and not just because I’m getting older.  But an unearthly accelerating is occurring on many fronts and I’m wondering … what’s coming?

Morals and customs have been pushed to the breaking point and soon, too soon, everything will be permissible and good if you want to do it.  Truth is relative.  What is my truth isn’t and doesn’t have to be your truth.  It’s amazing how far we, as a society, have strayed from God’s Word – the Ultimate Truth.

Our political system appears to be out of control.  Laws are broken by the elite of society with hardly a wrist-slap as punishment.  Presidents can circumvent Congress to make new laws at their slightest whim and even the Supreme…

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Here it is! The cover reveal for Triton’s Call: Tetrasphere Book Two!

If you’ve read and enjoyed Terra’s Call, you won’t be disappointed in this second book, where Pax, Sky, Jewel and Storm face dangerous, life-threatening challenges and discover more of the mysteries of our planet and under our seas. What lurks below the surface of the ocean?

If you haven’t read the first book yet, visit my website, and see what this series is all about! If you like Young Adult Science Fiction as much as I do (your age has nothing to do with it!), you will like this series.

And now, on to more exciting research! Where will my characters take me next? I think a mysterious mountain…