If you’ve ever written a blurb, or tried to, you know how difficult it is to boil your book down to a couple hundred, reader-attracting words. Prolific author D.L. Finn has some pointers you need to read!

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Hi SEers! Denise here to talk about writing a book blurb. I’m in the final stages of editing my current book, and my thoughts are turning to create the dreaded blurb. It can almost be harder to write than the book.

Instead of writing my blurb, I wondered where the term originated. Here’s what I found: “The wordblurbwas coined in 1907 by American humoristGelett Burgess(1866–1951).[2]His short 1906 bookAre You a Bromide?was presented in a limited edition to an annual trade association dinner.”— Wikipedia

With that out of the way, I refreshed my skills by researching what makes a good blurb.


I stay between 100 and 200 words. I’ve seen plenty of shorter and longer ones. Shorter blurbs might not pull the reader in, while longer ones might give too much information.


When approaching writing a blurb, I do it from…

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Cassie’s Wishes

Mark Bierman’s timely, beautiful story touched my heart and moved me to pray for the world in more specific ways. Perhaps you’ll add your prayers, your wishes, your positive energy to Cassie’s wishes and to my prayers, and together, we’ll help to heal the good people of the world.

Mark Bierman

This was originally posted back in April of 2021. As I sit here today, thinking about what’s going on in my nation’s capitol (Ottawa, Canada), just a few hours drive from here, I thought it could use a reposting.

Cassie took a deep breath and blew her wishes into the wind. It was getting dark and Mommy wanted her home for dinner, so she got up and watched them drift into the sunset. Satisfied, Cassie went home, washed up, and sat down at the table.

“So, Miss, what did you get up to today?” Mother smiled.

“I blew some wishes out into the world.”

Mother handed Cassie a plate of spaghetti, her favorite, and winked at her. “I’d ask you what those were, but I know that takes away their magic.”

Later, as Cassie laid her head against the soft pillow, listening to the crickets and the hoot of Chester…

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Our New Anthology Is Released Today!

Introducing the WATCH RWISA WRITE 2022 Anthology, “Life Is But A Rose Garden,” debuting on Amazon today for only $2.99!  We invite you to take a look at the promo for this little gem below, and lastly, we ask for your support by purchasing a copy, as well as spreading the word of its release via your own social media! 

2022 Watch RWISA Write .jpg

Friends, thank you for dropping by today in support of this new release!  We hope that what you find between the covers brings you much joy and pleasure as you read it, and we also hope that some of what you find here will give you pause – just a little pause, though, before you hop to your feet and spring into action!  There are many calls to action in this little gem!

Thank you, again, for dropping by and we’re thanking you in advance for your support of this delicious little treat!


SPECIAL NOTE:  We ask that while reading this anthology, should you find any hiccups in the way of misspelled words, we would greatly appreciate you dropping us a note at RWISAInfo@gmail.com to let us know, so that we can make the correction(s) immediately!  Thank you!

A Wee Thought After a Difficult Week – #Poetry (Sort of)

I found this gem of a poem today about a mysterious, elusive, stunning visitor who stayed longer than usual. Marcia Meara takes it as a sign of good things to come. So do I. What do you think?


Ode to a Painted Bunting

A sign.
My heart called out for a sign.
Something to hang onto.
Something to give me hope.
Something to remind me the world can be beautiful,
And people can be kind, generous, and loving.

Just a sign.
Nothing momentous.
A simple reminder that Life can be good.
That’s all I asked.
All I needed.

Purple Grackles by Amy Lowell

I’ve had the pleasure of reading two beautiful poems about some of my favorite birds today. Amy Lowell has captured the visit of a plague of grackles beautifully in this moving poem. Yes, a flock of grackles is called a plague, but I’d call them a wonder, instead. What do you think?

Bookin' It

purple grackle in grass

Purple Grackle

It occurs to me that no blog on books and writing should be without a bit of poetry now and then, so with that thought in mind, I offer you my favorite autumn themed poem of all time, Amy Lowell’s “Purple Grackles.”  The imagery is divine, and the message, bittersweet.  Hope you enjoy it!

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#MKTG – Part 10 – More on Amazon Ads

Marketing. As an author, I just want to write, but who would read my books if they never heard of them, or of me? Jan Sikes, one of my favorite authors, breaks it down for us. And check out her other book marketing posts listed here!

Story Empire

Hello, SE’ers! It’s Jan again. In my last book marketing post, I promised to delve a little deeper into keywords and targeting in Amazon ads. After doing some extensive study and practicing, I feel like I understand a little more about how they work.

In my previous post, I talked about how Dave Chesson recommends using at least 300 or more keywords when setting up an Amazon ad. That seems a little daunting, but using KDP’s Publisher Rocket is much easier than searching Amazon and copying and pasting.

For example, I set up a new ad for my first book, Flowers and Stone. Then using some keywords from the book, such as true love story, Publisher Rocket brought up a list of 55 books and authors. I saved that list, then did a keyword search for bank robbery and got a list of 58. So you can see that they…

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Story Development and Execution Part 1: Ideation

How do writers come up with ideas? Randomly? Deliberately? Author Staci Troilo lays out some ways to generate ideas. I’m motivated!

Story Empire

Ciao, SEers. I hope you all had a wonderful holiday. I intended to spend my time off entirely work-free, and while I didn’t open my laptop, I couldn’t turn off my mind. When I wasn’t soaking up every second I could with my daughter, I was thinking about my workload for 2022. I have stories in various stages, from conception to ready-to-publish. That got me thinking… maybe this year, I’d write a series of posts discussing important points from coming up with an idea through getting ready to publish.

Today is part one: idea generation. We’ve already discussed this topic (see earlier posts from me and Denise), but I’m going to approach this in a slightly different way. Instead of talking about where to find these ideas, I’m going to talk about how to find them and what to do with them once you have them.

We’ve all…

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I can’t believe I just learned this today! Thanks, Nonnie, for your great suggestions. I’m off to pin a tweet!


Hello, authors and friends!  

Here’s a little social media marketing tip for you on this 5th day of our new year, 2022.  I’ve noticed that some of you don’t have a pinned tweet on your Twitter profile and I’m going to show you how to pin one of your awesome tweets in promotion of you, your book, or something else that’s really important to you.  But first, the importance of that pinned tweet.

When potential followers go to follow you and/or show support of you, most often they are looking to retweet a tweet of yours.  Now, if you are an uber-supportive member like some of us in RRBC, your timeline will be filled with tweets and retweets of others.  So those potential followers won’t have to spend all day perusing your feed for a tweet about your book or something else that’s important to you, the first…

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