January 23, 2023 – Day 22 of #ADayInMyLife @PTLPerrin 30-Day #Blogging Challenge 2023 @RRBC_org @RRBC_RWISA @Tweets4RWISA #RRBC #RWISA

1-23-23, Day 22 In PTL Perrin’s Life

Welcome to day twenty-two of A Day In My Life! Happy Monday!

Let me tell you about this tree. It sits between our house and our neighbor’s. I couldn’t tell you what kind it is, but it’s young. The photo was taken from our office window.

In September, hurricane Ian swept across Florida, from the Gulf of Mexico to the Atlantic, its direct path only a few miles north of us. We had some powerful wind gusts, but no significant damage where we are, except for that tree, the one in the photo. We found it lying on the ground after the storm. Our lawn maintenance company replanted it and added the stake for stability, and we hoped it would take root and thrive.

In November, hurricane Nicole paid us a visit, and the youngster was knocked down again. Was this the end? We watched the maintenance crew right it again and drive the stake deeper. I prayed it would be okay.

In late December, the poor tree lost all its leaves. It happened overnight. Green leaves covered the branches one day, and the next morning, they covered the ground around it. I was sure it had died from storm trauma. Poor thing had been uprooted twice already. It couldn’t possibly have survived. I grieved a bit and waited for the crew to haul it away. They came, they mowed, they swept up the leaves and left the bare tree standing.

Our community is a stickler for healthy yards, including bushes and trees. They’re still building in here and want to present a perfect picture to prospective buyers, after all. Perhaps they ignored this little guy because passing cars most likely wouldn’t glimpse it standing between two houses. Who would notice one little bare stick in the ground?

Today, I opened the window as I usually do nearly every winter day. Imagine my astonishment when yesterday’s naked branches now sported green leaves and spring flowers! I promptly took the photo. If you look closely, you’ll see the newly opened blooms. They were not there yesterday.

I shouldn’t be surprised. I’ve seen it before in this amazing state. In one month, the little tree experienced Autumn, Winter, and now Spring. By the end of January, it will have started its next long, long summer. I don’t know what it is. I call it the Miracle Tree.

NOT the Miracle Tree, unless you see every tree as miracle. Perhaps we should.

I do know what this one is! It’s a confused magnolia in our front yard. In this photo, taken last year, it was in bloom when magnolias are supposed to bloom. Throughout the rest of the year, it’ll produce one or two single flowers at random. It keeps the bees and me happy.

Here’s my to-do list for today:

  1. Write my daily blog. (Check!)
  2. Read the blogs of everyone participating in this challenge and comment. (daily)
  3. Get serious about crunching numbers!
  4. Put away the tree ornaments. (Getting specific now.)
  5. Spend an hour editing my friend’s book.
  6. Relax with dinner and a movie and Bill.

Thank you for reading my blog today, and please visit my friends and fellow RRBC Bloggers at  https://ravereviewsbookclub.wordpress.com/rrbc-member-chat/


Patty Perrin (writing as P.T.L. Perrin)


19 thoughts on “January 23, 2023 – Day 22 of #ADayInMyLife @PTLPerrin 30-Day #Blogging Challenge 2023 @RRBC_org @RRBC_RWISA @Tweets4RWISA #RRBC #RWISA

    • Thanks, Joy! You certainly demonstrate that adage! By never giving up, we’re living our lives in the moment and moving forward. I believe nature also demonstrates that in so many ways.



  1. Your little tree is beautiful! I adore trees and actually bought one a few years ago, because I felt sorry for it. The poor little thing was dying among a dozen in good shape. With a little attention and a lot of love, it thrived! We call it the bunny tree because now that it’s healthy with big branches, the rabbits sit under it in the summer.

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