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1-22-23, Day 21 In PTL Perrin’s Life

Welcome to day twenty-one of A Day In My Life! Happy Sunday!

We had a wonderful time at the theater with our friends last evening. Guerrilla Theater is different from anything PBIEA had done before.

The stage set was a replica of what ‘backstage’ might look like to potential actors coming in for an audition. The actors sat in the audience, and Donna, the director, sat ‘backstage’ with a handful of scripts, each one a different scenario and in a different tone. She chose a script and assigned the parts to actors who had never read that script before. They were to act the part they were given and had only a couple minutes to review it.

Although some were supposed to be serious, each one had the audience laughing. The acting was great, despite it being a first read-through, and the body language, movements, and facial expressions totally fit the dialogue. Call me impressed.

As we applauded after the final script, Donna had a surprise for us. She called several people in the audience to audition, too!

Each audition included one of the seasoned actors and the unsuspecting victim–uh, audience member. The rest of us good-naturedly encouraged the reader. The amateurs were just as entertaining, and we laughed just as much as during the first time the actors played the part.

And then she called me. I auditioned for the part of a mother who hadn’t seen her adult son in years. They communicated only through letters. I read the mom’s letters to her son, while Avery Siders read the son’s responses to his mother.

As it turned out, I really got into the part! The long-distance dialogue was funny, and I enjoyed playing it up. Avery acted his part like a pro. If I didn’t have zero ability to memorize, it would be fun to take an acting class. Instead, I’ll write another essay for another Tongues a’Wagging and simply read it on stage sometime in the future.

Avery Siders, Patty Perrin, and Donna Carbone – Guerrilla Theater

Today, I’m taking a day to rest after church. There is a remote possibility that I might motivate myself to accomplish at least one thing on my to-do list, other than numbers one and two. They’re haunting me now, those bins in the living room and the beautifully hypnotic tree waiting to be lit and admired. And I MUST get those accounts taken care of! Good-bye, restful nap. Hello soon-to-be checked-off-the-list items!

Yesterday was day TWENTY, two-thirds of the way through the RRBC 30-Day Blogging Challenge. Look what I found in my email! Thank you, Nonnie!

See y’all on Monday. Have you ever been to Newtown, Pennsylvania? Maybe we’ll take a little memory trip there next week.

Here’s my to-do list for today:

  1. Write my daily blog. (Check!)
  2. Read the blogs of everyone participating in this challenge and comment. (daily)
  3. Balance our checkbooks. (If not today, then tomorrow for sure.)
  4. Start taking down the Christmas tree. (The bins are safely stored in the garage!)
  5. Spend an hour editing my friend’s book.
  6. Get tax information together for four corporations. (Must do by this time next week!)
  7. Relax after knocking out a few of these items. Yeah, right.

Thank you for reading my blog today, and please visit my friends and fellow RRBC Bloggers at  https://ravereviewsbookclub.wordpress.com/rrbc-member-chat/


Patty Perrin (writing as P.T.L. Perrin)


12 thoughts on “January 22, 2023 – Day 21 of #ADayInMyLife @PTLPerrin 30-Day #Blogging Challenge 2023 @RRBC_org @RRBC_RWISA @Tweets4RWISA #RRBC #RWISA

  1. I wish I could stand up in front of people and act or even read a script. My shyness gets in the way. When I had to present articles in grad school, I wrote what I would say. Then rehearsed it until I knew it by heart. But I was still nervous. When the students asked questions, I did much better since it was an interaction with someone, meaning the audience’s attention was on both of us and not only me.

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    • It took courage to get up in front of your class, Susanne! I think everyone gets nervous before standing in front of an audience. At PBIEA, everyone roots for the actors and presenters, and the atmosphere is positive and encouraging. It helps a lot! The first time I did a training for our business, I shook so much my voice sounded like I was singing opera, and all I did was read slides! Practice makes it easier. And the questions afterward put me at ease, just like your interaction with the students.


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    • Thank you, thank you, thank you, Maura Beth! (Said with a flourish, a regal wave, and a tiny smile as I walk the red carpet.) It was fun! It brought me back to the days when I read stories to my children. Each character had a different voice and I used the appropriate facial expressions and inflections. Maybe I should have been an actress. Nowadays, they’d assign me to old lady roles, and I’m already playing that part. LOL


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