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Someone, probably my Mom, once told me that when you point your finger at someone in criticism, you’re pointing three fingers back at yourself. I believe most of us like to think we aren’t critical of others, but is that true? Nonnie Jules, who is as honest with herself as she is with others, shares our common flaw, and gives us a great tool to rid ourselves of it! I’ve copied it and plan to use it daily. Read on…

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I woke up this morning with a question in my head. Nonnie, are you critical of others? Now, don’t confuse this with being honest in a book review, please. (You all knew I would clarify that, right?) What I was asking myself was, do I find that I sit (or stand) in judgement of others? Because I posed this question to myself in my mirror, it was on my spirit that I share it with you and ask you the same question…

Do you find that you sit (or stand) in judgement of others? Do you find that you do it often?

Do you find yourself in a restaurant looking at someone who might have a few extra pounds on them, wondering why they are returning to the buffet table for a third time? Or, do you wonder why they are at a buffet in the first place?

Do you…

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