Celebrating Women of Excellence #IntlWomensHistoryMonth, Day 3 @Sharrislaughter @NonnieJules @RRBC_Org #RRBC

Shirley Harris-Slaughter is, indeed, a Woman of Excellence, and I’m thrilled to share her wonderful interview with Nonnie Jules today.

Watch Nonnie Write!

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Today I’m celebrating…


NJ:  Hi, Shirley, thanks for joining me today!  First, a few questions to warm the atmosphere and for us to learn some things we probably don’t know about you.  I’m short on time and I’m sure you are, too, so let’s make this a quick one.  First question… when is your birthday?

Shirley:   November 28

NJ:  If you have siblings, which child are you (first, second, third, etc.)?

Shirley:  Second

NJ:  When did you begin writing?

Shirley:  Adult

NJ:  Why did you begin writing?

Shirley:  Trying to address issues.

NJ:  Please put these in order of importance to you: Faith, Family, Friends, Loyalty, Honesty

Shirley:  (1) Faith, (2) Family, (3) Honesty, (4) Friends, (5) Loyalty 

NJ:  What is the one thing people who really know you might say about you to a stranger?

Shirley:  Trustworthy


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