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We watch movie trailers, don’t we? And they help us decide which ones we want to watch. So why not BOOK trailers? 4WillsPublishing has some great insights, and backs up their article with some of their creations. Enjoy!


Welcome to the second edition of THE RRBC PIPELINE MAGAZINE’S WRITERS’ CORNER for 2022.  Our contributing piece this month is from 4WillsPublishing Author Services, and they are helping us to ditch the ugly rumors and hold on to the pretty truth about book trailers.  You can learn something from this!  

Untitled design (14)

4WillsPublishing has been producing top-notch book trailers for over 8 years, and when we say top-notch, we mean top quality.

Since we’ve gotten into the business of creating these amazing book trailers, we’ve noticed many, many, many “pop-up” ventures around the web, also starting to create book trailers.  AND, now we hear that for your book trailer to be effective, it must have lots of moving parts, a deep dark, or high frilly voice in the background giving you a play by play of the book, and bright, flashing colorful lights.  Yes, they’re saying that still photos, the most perfectly…

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