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I can’t believe I just learned this today! Thanks, Nonnie, for your great suggestions. I’m off to pin a tweet!


Hello, authors and friends!  

Here’s a little social media marketing tip for you on this 5th day of our new year, 2022.  I’ve noticed that some of you don’t have a pinned tweet on your Twitter profile and I’m going to show you how to pin one of your awesome tweets in promotion of you, your book, or something else that’s really important to you.  But first, the importance of that pinned tweet.

When potential followers go to follow you and/or show support of you, most often they are looking to retweet a tweet of yours.  Now, if you are an uber-supportive member like some of us in RRBC, your timeline will be filled with tweets and retweets of others.  So those potential followers won’t have to spend all day perusing your feed for a tweet about your book or something else that’s important to you, the first…

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