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I’m honored to have my book featured in this month’s Pipeline Magazine!


(DISCLAIMER:  Blurbs posted here are copied and pasted directly from Amazon.  They were not written by the staff of THE PIPELINE.)


This month we are featuring a title by one of our awesome and extremely supportive members, RWISAAUTHOR, PTL PERRIN.  Please, pick up a copy of her book today and don’t forget to leave a review when you’ve finished the read. 


Reflections of a Misfit by P. T. L. Perrin


As a new Christian, Patty questioned everything. What is or isn’t acceptable? What would she have to give up? What happens when she messes up? What are the rules?

The Bible is full of misfits, from Abraham to the prophets. Jesus was the ultimate misfit. The religious leaders of the day considered him a dangerous radical because he didn’t follow or preach their religious dogma. Fun, serious, heartwarming, surprising, and always honest, Patty invites you along on her very personal…

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