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As an Indie Author writing a new series, I often think about what my book covers will look like. Harriet’s example is her eye-catching non-fiction cover (a book that’s next on my TBR list). She’s an amazing lady. Enjoy her post!

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Elements of an Eye-Catching Cover

Self-published books and books published with independent publishers need to be as eye-catching as the books other companies publish. Potential buyers who are surfing the internet make up their minds in seconds. Few seconds. That’s why your book cover needs to have these elements.

The Grandma Force by Harriet Hodgson

  • Title that conveys what the book is about. One-word titles seem to be popular these days, but that can be chancy. The title of my book, TheGrandma Force, makes people think about the word force. While you are thinking of a title, think about the sub-title.
  • Explanatory sub-title. The sub-title should leave no doubt about the theme of your book. A long sub-title is fine. In fact, a long subtitle can tell the potential what they need to know.How Grandmothers are ChangingGrandchildren, Families, and Themselves is a long sub-title and it works.
  • Font that suits the…

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