Quotes and Writing

I love quotes that inspire, challenge, affirm, confound, and make me think. How about you? I found this fun post by my friend D.L. Finn, whose books I enjoy reading. Check out her fun quotes matchup game!

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Hi SERers! Denise here. Today I’m going to talk about something I appreciate, quotes.

Growing up, I heard many quotes that would make me think. There were a few my great-grandmother would repeat to me, and I would nod with no understanding. Later her wisdom would replay itself to me, and when the youthful veil lifted, I understood her words.

Some words affected me so deeply I passed them on to my children.

A favorite of mine was, “Don’t believe anything you hear and only half of what you see.” Words my great-grandmother may have borrowed from Edgar Allan Poe’s line, “Believe nothing you hear and only one half that you see.” It’s even truer today with social media.

As an adult, I not only appreciate quotes but read them any chance I get. When I’m overwhelmed with writing projects or I draw a blank, it’s nice to connect with…

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4 thoughts on “Quotes and Writing

    • Quotes are life lessons taken in small, easily digestible bites. You shared some of the same ones I heard multiple times from my mom. Our mothers must have learned them from the same playbook! Thanks for sharing some very cool quotes, Denise! Well done!


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