ADHD: The 4 Letters That Set Me Free

Kids do not come with instruction manuals. Even with a Master’s Degree in Secondary Education, my friend Kris could not figure out why her children seemed so out of control. As so many of us do, she blamed herself. Others who should have known better agreed with her. Parenting was to blame. Or not. Her journey might offer answers you’ve been looking for as parents of young children. This one’s for you…

One thought on “ADHD: The 4 Letters That Set Me Free

  1. Thank you for sharing this. It’s been almost a year since I wrote it. I’ve come a long way in undoing those high strung parenting behaviors, and our household’s new normal is far more peaceful than before. We still have to re-invent parenting through new developmental phases, but we have a team to help and we have prayer and resources. Each son is reading and doing math at the top levels of their grades and has had some great seasons of sports. I thank God for how far we’ve come in this journey. I hope this post continues to help those whose journey to diagnosis is in the early stages.

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