Dream Makers: Inspiring Hope

We call them God-Kisses, when the Lord drops an unexpected blessing into your life and you KNOW it’s a gift directly from Him.

It was the last leg of our journey home from a wonderful visit with our kids and grandkids in Southern California. Tired, ready for a nap, a bit under the weather, and finally seated on the aisle (Bill) and window (me) on our Southwest flight, we looked up when a pleasant voice asked if our middle seat might be available. We knew it was a full flight, and we had prayed for someone nice to sit between us.

God is so good! Jan Rogers was our companion for the next four hours, and we were certainly blessed! What a joy to hear about what God is doing among His people. We have both experienced the joy explosion of light and color and love that God drops into our heads and hearts when He wants to use us to bless others, and sharing stories made the flight seem like minutes rather than hours.

We met a new friend, a sister in the Lord, and we’re so happy to be able to share some of her story with you. Friends, meet our friend Jan Rogers!

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