The Quickening

In light of the theme of my  TETRASPHERE series, I’m reposting this insightful blog written by my friend Felecia. She asks if it’s fiction or reality that there is a shaking up and quickening happening throughout the world today. I base the premise of my fiction on true events as reported on various world news telecasts.

In my books, the world will be saved or lost depending on the choices and actions of my characters. Even there, though, there are hints that the Creator is working behind the scenes. In reality, the more aware we are of His workings, the more equipped we’ll be as these events unfold.


A Life Sanctified

Is it fiction, or is it real?

There’s a quickening occurring and it’s got me curious.

Oh I’ve been noticing it for a couple of years now.  Time speeding up … and not just because I’m getting older.  But an unearthly accelerating is occurring on many fronts and I’m wondering … what’s coming?

Morals and customs have been pushed to the breaking point and soon, too soon, everything will be permissible and good if you want to do it.  Truth is relative.  What is my truth isn’t and doesn’t have to be your truth.  It’s amazing how far we, as a society, have strayed from God’s Word – the Ultimate Truth.

Our political system appears to be out of control.  Laws are broken by the elite of society with hardly a wrist-slap as punishment.  Presidents can circumvent Congress to make new laws at their slightest whim and even the Supreme…

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