When Life Gets In The Way

My husband has learned that when I start snapping at him, yelling at the commentator on the news program, or shouting at other drivers on the road when we’re traveling, I probably need to eat something. Hunger makes me cranky — sometimes before I know I’m hungry.

The same thing happens when a life event interrupts my need to write; only then it’s more like mental constipation. Words, thoughts and ideas swirl around in my mind, stirred up by a faint sense of guilt and fueled by an anxious need to get my fingers on the keyboard. Then, when I do get a moment to write, nothing comes out.

The daily tasks and schedules of life are not what I’m talking about. I welcome and heartily participate in time spent with loved ones or in pursuit of relaxation or business. It’s the other stuff; when someone is sick, or the car needs repairs. It’s when one crisis chases another in quick succession. I know you know what I mean. If your heart is beating, you’ve been there, too.

So how do we handle it when life gets in the way of our writing? I came across this post by Melissa Donovan on the Writing Forward site, entitled “The Best 22 Writing Tips Ever“.  Click on it!

I was inspired to share it with you, and so my fingers have had a little exercise on the keyboard today, and my mind is feeling much clearer, thank you.

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