Write something!

In high school we did an exercise in “stream of consciousness” writing. Let your thoughts pour out on paper in whatever random way they choose. I’ve known people who practice that style of talking. I sometimes want to say, “Slow down. My ears can’t keep up!” Neither can my fingers on the keyboard keep up with my jumbled thoughts.

I’ve been reading some really great blogs lately. I’ve shared a couple and will probably share more. We can all stand to learn from others. We can also pass along what we know, and sometimes what we question.

What am I thinking? I thought you’d never ask.

I pick up the kids from school today. We’ll come home, have a snack, do homework and play outside. The day is perfect. There’s not a cloud anywhere. A soft breeze is blowing and the temperature will reach a comfy 75 degrees. It’s February, and we’re having a cold snap.

I’ll continue tossing stuff from our black-hole office tomorrow, and get ready to assemble our new computer and move the old one to my husband’s desk, once we find it. The desk, I mean. I know where the computer is.

On Saturday, I’ll get to meet a bunch of local authors for the first time at a writer’s workshop. I’m very excited about that! Then I pick up the grandkids from home and bring them over for a fun, and sleepless, sleepover! Church on Sunday, followed by a birthday party for our Pastor, and then, because of our advanced ages, we get to take a NAP!

Next week we prepare for one of those trips we’d never make without a definite purpose. We’re heading NORTH in February. I don’t understand why NORTH doesn’t just come SOUTH for the winter.

The many people we love there will warm us from the heart-side, so, as long as the roads remain clear, we’re going.

That’s the overview. What really goes on in the brain includes details and plans and memories and things I want to say and do and be, and my view of that person walking her dog in the sunshine, and that my neighbor’s garage door is open, and wondering why the trash truck hasn’t been by yet and I’d better stop wasting your time and mine and get to writing.

By now you’ve probably figured out that you’d rather read the great posts from the bloggers I admire! I know I would!

I especially love the words of the original and best Author ever! Here’s Isaiah 55:8: “‘For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways,’ declares the LORD.” (NIV)  THANK GOODNESS! Can you imagine a world built on our slapdash human thoughts?

If you can, WRITE about it!

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