January 2, 2023 – A Day In My Life

1-2-23 A Day In PTL Perrin’s Life

Bill and I celebrating Christmas with family.

Hi, and Happy New Year! I’m PTL Perrin, author, but you can call me Patty. I’ve accepted a challenge to share a day in my life with you. Not only today, but every day for the rest of January, 2023! Let’s start with TODAY, and see how this goes.

Any day is a great day with my sweetheart Bill in it! I kid you not. This month will mark twenty-nine years of marriage to a man whose smile brightens any room, any space, anywhere. I’m getting ahead of myself. You’ll hear more about that on our actual anniversary. Just understand that any revelations about my day are likely to include mentions of my Bill.

A typical day starts with a morning routine, which can take anywhere from two hours to four, depending on how much trouble I have with my eyebrows. I get up, shower, get a fruit and Reliv smoothie, spend some much-needed time with Lord reading the Bible and several devotionals, and draw on my eyebrows. On some days, like this morning, they go on easily, matching in expression and are more-or-less even on my face. I wish every day started as smoothly.

Thank the Lord I don’t have to be anywhere specific most mornings. It’s one of the perks of having traveled around the sun as many times as I have. Bill, on the other hand, has traveled longer and still has early lessons some days. He teaches tennis, which he loves, to people he loves, so the hardship is worth it to him. I’m enjoying my 74th trip around the sun. Remaining positive while aging is not for the faint of heart. I have much to be grateful for, including my strong heart.

“Set priorities in your life according to My will,” from Sarah Young’s Jesus Today, struck me as a directive from the Lord this morning. I debated accepting this challenge because my January schedule is normally chock full of accounting stuff, and numbers are NOT my favorite things to play with. We have two corporations for our family businesses, and I serve as the involuntary Ad-Hoc Treasurer for two more. So I prayed, and the Lord reminded me I want to write more.

“Yes,” I argued. “I want to write more in my BOOK. You know, the one I’ve been wanting to finish. The second book in the trilogy.”

I am convinced the Lord speaks to me, although not usually in words. I felt a smidge of excitement about this project. I will be writing every day. Writing begets writing. My fingers will get the exercise. My mind will open to new ideas. I’ll get to read about my author friends who also accepted the challenge.

“But, Lord, I can read theirs without writing my own. I’m sure theirs will be so much more interesting. Who wants to read about keeping accounts?”

Then I thought about mindfulness. What DO I do all day? If I keep track, I might carve out more time for writing. To make a long conversation short, here I am. And here’s the rest of my day.

I wrote a review and posted it. As I read other people’s reviews, mine seem simplistic. At least they’re honest, and I won’t post a review with less than four stars because my hope is to encourage people to read the books I read and like. The problem is, as soon as I finish reading a book, I move on to other things that must be done. Then another book grabs my attention, and the review has been forgotten. Forgive me, my friends! One resolution this year is to go back, re-read, and post more reviews.

I had lunch at 3pm, because I usually eat when I’m hungry. I fixed a banana, peanut butter, Reliv smoothie, and chowed down on some crackers. Too much information? Can’t wait to start reading the other blogs in this challenge!

I spent two hours on editing a friend’s memoir. She’s transparent and brave and I marvel at how God has moved in her life. I’m humbled that she trusts me with this task, and I’m determined to pour my best effort into it.

Bill and I took a walk around our beautiful neighborhood this evening. Many homes were still decorated for Christmas.

Our son Mike took down our outside lights yesterday, and then we went to his family’s house for New Year’s dinner. His wife Jenn is a great cook, and their children are wonderful. His dad and step-mom were also there. Funny story. Jenn’s mom is Patty. Mike’s mom is Patty. Mike’s step-mom is Pattie. So when anyone, at any family gathering calls for either Mom or Patty, we ALL answer!

I’m wrapping this up here. In the evenings, Bill and I watch a movie together — usually Hallmark. I like action movies and he’s a sucker for chick flicks.

I’m going to see Avatar, The Way of Water for the third time tomorrow with one of our “adopted” daughters. We’ll see it in iMax 3D, and I can hardly wait! I’ll tell you more about the movie, and about her, tomorrow! Hasta Mañana!

30 thoughts on “January 2, 2023 – A Day In My Life

  1. Hi Patty, I’m still making the rounds…Lord knows I can’t believe I missed posts from the first day, but I think it’s because I started on day 2. Anyway, I’m with you on two things: I’m not a numbers person and I like action films! By the way, thank you for following my blog and FB site! Muah! Great post! : )

    Best wishes,
    Donna M. Atwood
    D.M. Atwood

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    • Thanks, Donna. I’m glad you’re catching up. I tried to stay on course because it took a lot of time each day to read and comment on everyone’s posts. Thankfully, I had the time, and my inner procrastinator was satisfied by putting off taxes and accounting stuff. Now I have to catch up with THAT! I wish I’d done it the other way around.


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  2. Love you Patty. Your life has been so interesting and it reflects in your writings. Praying for you to remain Happy and healthy until the Lord calls us to his side. BTW I quit worrying about my eyebrows a long time ago. Looking forward to your post every day.

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    • Love you back, Pura! You and your hubby played a big part in making my life interesting. When I needed friends those many years ago, you two stepped up. Who knew the blessing of knowing you would continue through the next generation? Praying for you every day. God has this! Blessings!

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  3. I’m going to call you the head of the 3 Pattyies club! (I had to spell it that way to include everyone).

    Oh, Patty, the smile on Bill woke up my spirit and sent it into a spinning dance of joy! How can he not be an amazing partner? How blessed you are!

    Patty, your eyebrows story was so funny. Oh, what we won’t go through for beauty. I am so glad that mine are still here and that’s one less thing I have to worry about.

    Thank you for sharing a day in your life and all the joys of your family! Yes, I agree, the fact that you and your husband’s ex can be in the same room, and that you pray for each other, is a testament to God’s love and the power of grace.

    Blessings to all, and I can’t wait to see what you have in store for us tomorrow.

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    • Thanks for visiting, Nonnie! We could call ourselves the Patty-Cakes, or Mama-Patties! 🙂 At some point in my life, I’m going to give up on the eyebrows, but not just yet! They add comic relief to many mornings. You should have seen me trying to draw them on in rough seas on one cruise! Oy vey!

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        • You crack me up, John! That’s my not-so-distant future, you’re talking about, too! Reminds me of the time my elderly mom was pulled into a bush when the tiny dog she was walking chased a squirrel. She wound up with two black eyes and a bruised nose, poor thing. But she still flirted with the EMTs who took her to the hospital, and then with all the doctors there. When I went to see her, she grinned at me and said, “Patty, take a selfie of me! I look like a raccoon!” So when my eyebrows start circling my eyes, please, somebody, take a selfie of me!

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  4. Hi, Patty,
    Three Patties eating dinner in one house. That must have been a lot of fun. I see you got your year cut out for you. By the way, what is a Reliv? Is that some kind of breakfast drink?
    I enjoyed reading about your busy life and can’t wait to see what you write about today.
    Take care.
    Shalom aleichem

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    • Hi, Pat! It’s great to see you here. The fact that we three Patties can be in the same room is a testament to God’s amazing love and the power of forgiveness on all fronts. The Pattie who is married to my ex is a fan of my books, and we pray for each other regularly. Isn’t God good? Reliv is a nutritional supplement we’ve been taking for years. Good stuff! Blessings!

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  5. Well, Patty, you have a busy and productive life! I find it interesting that your husband likes the chick flicks and you like the action ones – a bit of role reversal! Speaking of action movies, a Liam Neeson flick is on the TV as I write. As usual, his wife has been kidnapped. I wish he would keep his wife at home and save us all the heartache. You do so much everyday, I can’t wait to see your next posts. Get lots of rest tonight, Patty, you deserve it!

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    • Thanks, Maura Beth! I’ve always enjoyed adventure and have had my share of it. Bill is the peacemaker in the family, an empath with a huge heart. We balance each other, for which I am grateful. Good night! I look forward to your post tomorrow!


  6. You have an interesting day and a wonderful philosophy on life. Plus–your husband teaches tennis! Mine used to play with me about four decades ago, but his entire strategy consists of aiming for the top of the tape so that each shot is a drop shot. Anyway…I love your outlook on life, the way you weave your faith into your tasks and your approach to your day. Looking forward to reading more of your blogs!

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    • Thank you, Wanda! I tried to comment on your blog, but it didn’t go anywhere. Tom Paxton sounds like a great artist, and I love that you got to meet and interact with your idol. Happy Birthday to Tom Paxton!


  7. Hi. You have a hectic day, and I need a nap just from reading about it. I understand Bill’s love for Hallmark movies; I watch them when I need comfort, chicken soup for the soul. If you’re interested in action movies, I watched season 3 of Jack Ryan on Prime. It is loaded with action but also has an intelligent plot.

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    • This was a mild mannered day compared to some. Don’t believe anybody who tries to sell retirement as a time to relax and drink fancy drinks with little umbrellas all day! Not if you’re a writer! Hugs to Nounous!


  8. Hi Patty. I know the drill about eyebrows. My wife plucked hers when she was thirteen and they haven’t grown back. So outlining and coloring them in is an art and does take time. We have had our share of arriving late to functions because of it…they were fine all day long, but had to be wiped off and redone if we were going out at night. I’ve tried convincing her to get tattooed eyebrows, but she doesn’t want any part of that. Good luck in the contest!

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    • Thanks, John. Please tell your sweetheart that the tattoos only last a short time, and since our faces tend to be asymmetrical, they’ll probably put one higher than the other, which gave me a perpetually questioning look until it wore off. Oh, and remind her that Mona Lisa has no eyebrows. We’re in good company! Blessings to both of you!


  9. Dominic and I saw Black Panther recently and loved it! We are hoping to see Avatar either Friday or Saturday. It was our first time back to the movies since COVID. If you’ve seen it twice already and are going back for a third, Avatar must be worth it. 😊

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