A Wee Thought After a Difficult Week – #Poetry (Sort of)

I found this gem of a poem today about a mysterious, elusive, stunning visitor who stayed longer than usual. Marcia Meara takes it as a sign of good things to come. So do I. What do you think?


Ode to a Painted Bunting

A sign.
My heart called out for a sign.
Something to hang onto.
Something to give me hope.
Something to remind me the world can be beautiful,
And people can be kind, generous, and loving.

Just a sign.
Nothing momentous.
A simple reminder that Life can be good.
That’s all I asked.
All I needed.

14 thoughts on “A Wee Thought After a Difficult Week – #Poetry (Sort of)

  1. Nature never fails to fill us with wonder and assurance that life goes on. Even during the worst of the pandemic, the ducks used the lake behind our house for takeoffs and landings. This poem is full of hope, joy, and color, which always cheers me up. Thanks!

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    • You have that right, Marian! And it seems when we’re at our lowest, God directs our attention to His artwork and His lovely critters. I call them God kisses. Marcia captured that feeling beautifully in her poem.


    • Absolutely wonderful, Yvette! We also had rainbow buntings visit our hedge during migration when we lived in Jupiter. I thought I was dreaming the first time I saw them. We haven’t been in our new home long enough to know whether they’ll drop by here or not. I’d be delighted if they showed up!

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  2. Florida is wonderful for bird lovers and nature lovers in general. I enjoy it all so much, I give wildlife talks twice a month at two local venues. SO much fun to share what I’ve learned in a very long lifetime of living in Florida. Sadly, I had to cancel my 2 January talks and my 2 February talks this year due to breakthrough COVID, which seems to have turned into long COVID, but I’m feeling a little better each day, and hope to be back at it in March.

    Nothing makes me happier than enjoying wildlife, and sandhill cranes are wonderful! I’m doing a talk about cranes and wood storks in June, in fact.

    When Irma smashed our garage down, we had a pair of cranes who strolled up our driveway every day during reconstruction, looking into the garage and making strange little noises. It was just like they were inspecting each day’s progress. 😀

    Now see what you’ve done … got me talking birds and wildlife! 😂

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    • You’re welcome to talk birds and wildlife anytime, Marcia! I love that you give wildlife talks. How cool that the cranes inspected your garage reconstruction. Maybe they were studying the nest-building habits of humans and knew they were welcome there. Wood storks are amazing and it’s thrilling to see them anytime, anywhere. I’m sorry you’ve had so much trouble with Covid and I’ll be praying for your quick and COMPLETE recovery! The world needs you, and you need your energy!


  3. Thanks so much for sharing, Patty! I’m so glad you enjoyed the post, and the buntings. I do need to tell you that the Bookin’ It blog you followed (where the Purple Grackle poem was) has been inactive for several years. Feel free to look around over there as much as you like, but today, it’s all I can do to keep up with The Write Stuff. Hope you’ll consider following me there. Lots of fun with fellow authors on TWS. 😊💖

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      • Great to know you’re already following TWS, Patty! And yes, I was thinking yesterday I’d like to do a new post sharing that poem (though I usually think of it as an autumn thing). MIght have to do that soon, since I’m not quite back to all my regular series stuff yet.

        BTW, I’m in the Seminole County area of Florida. Are you near here?

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        • We lived in Casselberry for a few years before moving to South Florida. Now we’re in Port St. Lucie, so not too far from Seminole County. I love living in Florida! We have Sandhill Cranes in our community. I find them beautiful and fascinating, and they make the oddest sounds. This state is fun for bird lovers, isn’t it?

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