What Do Fish Eggs Have To Do With Writing?

As soon as I saw the title, I was compelled to read the article. I could not imagine how anyone could make such a correlation, and was pleasantly surprised to read how successfully the author did just that. If you’re a writer, whether the author of books or a writer of short stories, you might want to discover how your writing might be like fish eggs…



by Richard Risemberg


After a long, dry spell, I suddenly began placing stories in small-press magazines this year, even some that paid in cash! Since last winter, I have “sold” – sometimes for pay, sometimes compensated only in honor – I have sold six stories to five magazines.

It all started by accident, but the sort of accident that fate contrives when you help it along.

It began when I followed the advice a friend had given me give short readings at open mic nights hosted by a friend of his. [READ ON…]

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