An Oldie but Goodie.

I rummaged through bins in the garage, looking for the bicycle pump. Five-year-old Ashley shouted from the driveway, “Gramma! Look at me!” for the tenth time.  She skillfully twirled a pink hula hoop around her slender hips.

“You’re the hula hoop champ,” I said for the tenth time, and continued searching for the pump.

When I heard, “Gramma!” again, I looked at her. Ashley stood still with a solemn expression on her face. “You’re old,” she declared, as if I didn’t know.

I laughed and agreed with her. She’d said it a few times lately, as an observation. She’s a kid, and I’m old. So is Grampa. From her perspective, it is so.

Am I old, even though I consider myself a young-hearted grandmother? After all, Bill and I run our own business, travel a lot, enjoy an active social life, are actively involved with church and can still play with our grandkids.

So, Ashley, and all our grandkids, here is what old looks like from my perspective:

Old folks are bold. We have become more fearless as we’ve learned to trust God and face our trials. When we take your hand and lead you into an adventure, you can trust that we will give our all to protect you. We will stand with you, walk beside you, and help you as you face challenges of your own. We are your bold champions. You can trust us.

Old folks are not cold. We are warm with love for you. You can tell us anything and we will listen. You can ask us anything, and we will answer truthfully, as best we can. We may not always agree with you, but we will always love you. There is no limit to love. You can count on us.

Old folks are gold. Years of experience have refined us. Joy and tears, pleasure and pain, learning through studies and from mistakes, have worked out impurities and increased our worth. Just as you are treasures to us, we are your treasures. You should value us.

We may be old, but we want to spend many more years with you. We want to see you grow up and start your own family. We would love to be there when your grandchild informs you that you, too, are old.

I hope there are windows in Heaven.

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