Story Development and Execution Part 1: Ideation

How do writers come up with ideas? Randomly? Deliberately? Author Staci Troilo lays out some ways to generate ideas. I’m motivated!

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Ciao, SEers. I hope you all had a wonderful holiday. I intended to spend my time off entirely work-free, and while I didn’t open my laptop, I couldn’t turn off my mind. When I wasn’t soaking up every second I could with my daughter, I was thinking about my workload for 2022. I have stories in various stages, from conception to ready-to-publish. That got me thinking… maybe this year, I’d write a series of posts discussing important points from coming up with an idea through getting ready to publish.

Today is part one: idea generation. We’ve already discussed this topic (see earlier posts from me and Denise), but I’m going to approach this in a slightly different way. Instead of talking about where to find these ideas, I’m going to talk about how to find them and what to do with them once you have them.

We’ve all…

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8 thoughts on “Story Development and Execution Part 1: Ideation

    • As fantasy writers, it’s hard to limit ideas to what we know, isn’t it? I think our genre is a lot more about what we’d want to know, or how we imagine things could be in other worlds and dimensions. I liked Staci’s suggestions!

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